ReWild Yourself Podcast - The Reverent Hunter: Donnie Vincent

September 08, 2016 4 Comments

ReWild Yourself Podcast - The Reverent Hunter: Donnie Vincent

Daniel Vitalis invited me to join him on his very popular "Rewild Yourself" Podcast. Daniel & I share many similar beliefs and viewpoints on the world and more specifically how we as humans acquire our food.

Daniel, as he says it himself, is obsessed with what’s most natural for our species, and keenly focused on how to reinvigorate our wild nature, all while masterfully living modern lives."

We had a great conversation, that covered many topics. Really think you guys are going to enjoy this one.


  • Daniel answers your questions on having children in an over-populated world, his personal thoughts on cannabis and supplement-taking practices
  • Daniel shares the details of his recent bear hunt
  • How Donnie got started with his work
  • You are from a lineage of hunters
  • The hunter’s passion for ecology
  • Donnie’s personal restoration project
  • Life cycle of a deer
  • Lives of domesticated animals vs wild animals
  • All of us have an imprint on this ecosystem
  • The practicality of hunting for food
  • Hunting barriers to entry
  • How to get started hunting
  • Feelings that arise when hunting
  • Passion-driven fitness
  • Hunting and the present moment
  • Donnie’s prognosis for the future of the human species
  • Where to find Donnie’s work

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June 13, 2017

For someone who is just now stepping into the game at 51, this was an awesome interview to listen to. Thank you!

Anders Printz
Anders Printz

March 08, 2017

Really awesome interview! Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge.

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